Create a better experience across your organisation with Oracle Cloud

The recent pandemic is undoubtedly accelerating digital transformation plans, for every type of organisation. As one of Oracle's key implementation partners, we can help you pivot forward and make the changes to your business and your systems, that maybe long overdue. We are working with many forward-thinking companies to improve business processes and increase efficiency across their organisation, leading to employee satisfaction and growth.

We understand that keeping on top of technology is a challenge for many organisations, especially for small businesses whose budgets are often more limited. Namos is here to tell you that Oracle Cloud is within reach, regardless of the size of your organisation or your available budget. Oracle Cloud is fully scalable – the more your company grows, the more transactions it will process. You can rest assured that Oracle Cloud can process large volumes of data quickly, without slowing down. 

We believe all successful migration paths lead to Oracle Cloud and our award-winning team are here to help shape your cloud, your way.
Drive faster innovation on a single unified platform
In order to achieve ongoing success and stay ahead of your competitors, continuous innovation is needed. Oracle Cloud is based on this very principle where they produce quarterly updates each year and new functionalities are deployed. 
Keep your organisation ahead of the game
Adopt a cloud-first strategy for more efficient processes, more innovation and increased success for your organisation. Those who leverage automation will mean an increase in productivity and more time for high-value efforts.
Succeed in a post-covid business climate
Organisations that embrace digital transformation, enhance new ways of working, invest in the right tools are the ones who are more likely to succeed in an ever-changing world.
Top 8 Reasons to Move to Oracle Cloud
Here are 8 reasons why Oracle Cloud should be a part of your cloud-first strategy.
Where We've Done It Before
Capitalising on the Cloud: Implementing Oracle Human Capital Management with the University of Greenwich

The University needed a complete HR solution, one that would provide a consistent intuitive user experience, one that would streamline and systemise to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and one that would increase insights into the workings of the University and its business. They are now implementing ERP Cloud.
Namos Takes Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council Live to the Cloud

Namos Solutions, a leading Systems Integrator and Managed Service provider of Oracle technology, today announced the successful implementation of an integrated Oracle ERP Cloud based solution including AUDDIS and Direct Debit compliance for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.
How Namos Deliver Value 
Focused on understanding and addressing our client’s true needs, we seek to develop solutions
which deliver significant and immediate value. We achieve this by delivering:
One Team Approach
We seek to develop and drive a strategic partnering culture. We aim to establish and maintain exceptional working relationships, by setting clear expectations, practicing constant communication and offering timely responses.
Unrivalled Oracle Expertise
Namos consultants are some of the most certified, experienced and dedicated Oracle professionals in the business. With a proven and demonstrable track record, we have leading-edge processes and knowledge frameworks to mitigate risk on behalf of our clients.
Decisive Results
We place critical importance on being able to measure and quantify the successful outcomes of our projects. We constantly strive to find innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients in a world where change is ever present.
Organisations Trust Namos Solutions
We believe the time is now for you to follow in the footsteps of our customers who have pivoted forward and accelerated the speed of their business.  We'd love the opportunity to work with you and help you succeed in this changing environment. 
Next Steps

Curious about making the move to Oracle Cloud and how you would move forward, talk to us.

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  • Register for the Webinar
  • Create a cloud roadmap
Contact us and let us shape your cloud, your way. 

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